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It is my deepest desire that this should never be needed.

If you are reading this book, there are many ways this could have come about. You may have stolen it from me, in which case I would most genuinely urge you to return it - I am, after all, a Sorceress Aspirant, and will only let you imagine the ways in which I have cursed it. If the truth has come out for good, then I have simply given it to a curious friend; if it has come out for the ill of all of us, then I have released it upon the world, to sow chaos in the wake of our fleeing, exile, or death.

Very few of these choices are good, I know. Some secrets can cost you dearly.

My dear Heriad, please - if you are reading this and I am dead, and you are safe, burn it. A secret can be safely kept by one, and I would wish you to never let sentimentality weave a hole in your defenses.

And if you, the reader, finds this after I have lived a long, healthy life, with friends and family, perhaps a lover and children, I beg of you: read it through before you deign to judge me and, if I offend, honour the good I may have done with silence and ashes. I have done the best I could to protect the little family I have and acted with goodwill where I could. How could anyone hope for more?

The rest lies in you, my unknown reader.

I remain yours, in faith,
Luciya Greymantle


Luciya Greymantle